Electrical Installation

When building your home, or business premises, you want to ensure that you do the lighting perfectly right the first time.

This is to prevent you from having to break down walls and ceilings when the electric wiring fails.


Doing right the first time saves you the extra cost of repair. At Electricians Brampton, we understand this need. This is why we offer the best and most reliable electric installation services available.

Residential Electric Installation, as well as your décor needs

Different homes have different feels and lighting needs. Much as you may have a design in mind, when it comes to lighting, the house, the room actually, highly determines what works best. Electricians Brampton works with the architect and the interior decorator to ensure that your lighting needs as well as your décor needs are met correspondingly.

What this means is that if a room is facing the East, for instance, we work to ensure that it has enough bulbs to help light it up come dusk. This is the opposite of a West-facing room. Your interior decorator may choose the bulb design and size, but we determine the placing and wattage.

When you want a specific effect for a room, like a child’s room, for instance, our team helps you determine what will work best and what would be safest. We apply modern techniques and incorporate old school measures as well to achieve the desired effect.

Commercial Electric Installation

Commercial properties may require less detailed levels of lighting but they require a higher level of consistency. Every room needs to carry as much light as the next to create a uniform feel. High rising buildings demand higher level equipment and machinery to fully satisfy the lighting needs. Electricians Brampton comes packing all levels of equipment, with a team of professionals who know exactly what to do with them.

We have dealt with all levels of commercial properties, from malls to office parks and even to government complexes. As such, we are well versed with whatever commercial electrical installation that you would even think of.

Perks Of Using Electricians Brampton

At Electricians Brampton, we are all about the customer experience. As such, we try to ensure that every time any new client tries our services for a full electrical installation, they are left with something to look forward to. As such, we come bearing a year’s warranty that guarantees you of a free repair if anything goes wrong in that time. The warranty is, however, barely made use of since we ensure that we use the top quality materials and follow the electric code to the letter. Try us today and experience first class electrical service!