Full Safety Run

Your safety is key. It is the reason why we build shelters, and then surround them with walls and put a gate.

It is not just about privacy, but about keeping yourself safe. At Electricians Brampton, we work with you to ensure that indeed your security is ensured.

We have a full service that is dedicated to helping to ensure your safety in your own house. We know that a lot of things can happen by misfortune or at the hands of men. Our service works to keep you secure in the following ways:


Security Systems

Electricians Brampton is not just about cabling and wiring. We also help install security systems’ that are reliable and easy to use. We start the process by visiting your premises and doing a full review. This will be in terms of points of exit, size of the property to be secured and location. These will help the team to narrow down the options that would be best suited for your property. We then discuss the options with you in detail, down to the time it will take to install the system as well as the cost.

The team then comes back and does the full installation. We then take you through it, ensuring you understand how to use it, are able to switch it on and off.

Besides installation, we also help by providing alarm reports and provide system backup in case of anything.

Fire Detectors And Alarms

Fire is one of the worst hazards. In the shortest time, it can turn your entire home into a heap of ash. We, therefore, take it very seriously and help you take precaution in the best way possible. Electricians Brampton provides you with smoke detectors as well as fire alarms to help you keep the fire at bay.

Much like the security systems, we start the process by assessing the property. We determine the best points of placing the detectors and which model would be best to cover the spaces. We, then, in consultation with you, then go ahead and do the installation. We install a system that notifies the relevant parties when the alarm goes off to ensure that in case of a fire, you are indeed secure.

Update Of Codes

Many are the times you start putting in your security code only to realize mid-dial that you cannot remember what it was. In some cases, some of these systems malfunction and can no longer read the dialed numbers right. Both these cases demand that the system is rebooted and reset.

Electricians Brampton offers you these services on top of our electrical services. We understand how frustrating such a situation can be and thus, we go the extra mile to offer more reliable systems that will not fail you in the future.

Electrical Safety Check Cost

Very few electrical companies Brampton offer safety checks. This is a unique service that is normally tailor- made on demand. Electricians Brampton offers this service at affordable rates that are determined by the nature of your needs. Call us today and get your own unique service done!