Maintenance and Repair

Are your cables and wires slowly dying away?

Is your ceiling starting to sound as is things are sparking?

Please allow up to fix all this for you.


Let us introduce ourselves. We are Electricians Brampton and our business is in ensuring you get the best electrical services possible. We understand the fact that no single cable, as long as it is active, can service a lifetime. As such, we offer the most affordable and reliable repair and maintenance services on this side of the Pacific.

Electrical Maintenance

Electricity, if handled wrong, can be very dangerous; fatal even. This is why it is important for all electrical equipment to be handled right and by professionals. At Electricians Brampton, we work to ensure that your home/ premises are as safe as possible. So whether you want us to help install electrical equipment or simply help you maintain is, we apply our best services and most skilled hands.

When it comes to cable maintenance, we ensure that all safety measures are taken so that neither our team nor the residents come to harm. For this reason, we try to ensure that when such operations are going on, the premises are clear of residents and we apply the highest codes of security.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Cable maintenance
  • Maintenance of generators
  • Alarm maintenance among others

Electrical Repair

Electric repair can be very tricky, especially where we have to troubleshoot in order to discover what is wrong. You see, this requires us to have the electricity active, in order to determine what is not working. This can go a number of ways. Which is why we only let the professionals do it, as they know how best to create the safest environment for such repairs.

That notwithstanding, we offer repair services that are prompt and affordable. With relevant experience and a reliable network, we are able to determine the least possible cost necessary to handle the repair. You are therefore assured of perfect work at the most affordable rate.

Our repair services include:

  • Rewiring
  • Repair of emergency and security lights
  • Repair of worn out cables and wiring
  • Electric repair prior to a home sale
  • Repair of landscape lighting among others.

Electrical Maintenance And Repair Cost

In most cases, the cost of maintenance and repair is determined by the amount of work that needs to be done. This will, in turn, determine the level of equipment needed, the number of people needed to handle the job and also the amount of time needed to complete the job perfectly. The price can, therefore, be as low as $70 or as high as $3,500 depending on the job.

Electrical Maintenance And Repair Near Me

In this day in age, practically everything relies upon the use of electricity. As such, there are numerous electric companies all over. Most of these are accessible through their websites online. You can find a number of electric companies in Brampton as well. What you need to do before hiring the services of any of these, is ensure that the company is credible and reliable. At Electricians Brampton however, we assure you of quality services every time. This is how we have become the number one electric company in Brampton. Try us today.